Foster Homes Needed!

Have you ever wondered how you could get involved? This is a great oppertunity to help a pet in need. We are looking for short term foster care of these great animals.

Dog Rescue

Adopt-A-Stray Rescue is a nonprofit organization who focuses saving the lives of dogs in our local "kill shelter" which has a 90%+ euthanasia rate. Our mission is to reduce the number of dogs killed in these shelters by finding them forever homes where they can be taken care of and loved. We pull dogs from the shelter every week, and as you might expect this keeps us very busy. At any given time we have 40 plus dogs in our care, foster homes are needed to care for these guys. With winter weather upon us the demand is even greater. Adopt-A-Stray is working towards building a facility to house our rescued dogs, with the help of several of donations we are getting closer to realizing this dream. But until this is complete most of these guys are living outside. So if you can find it within your heart to provide one or two of these little guys a temporary home while they wait for their forever home, i am sure they would be grateful.

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